My First Ever Comedy Gig Without Alcohol. What a #$!% Stupid Idea!

It happened last night. On Thursday, February 7, 2013. After four years and around four hundred shows, I finally did it. Save your congratulations, because my first ever full hour comedy performance without alcohol wasn’t worth celebrating, but it wasn’t a disaster either. It certainly would’ve gone better if I’d had a drink, or seven. Read More

You’re on the Wagon? What a Stupid Idea

My boss discovered I’d stopped drinking, when I knocked back a beer after work on Monday. ‘You don’t want one? Oh that’s right, you’re on the wagon. Good on you. Why you’d want to do that though, I’ve got absolutely no idea.’ My workmate Chris added, ‘I cut down drinking, so I could afford more Read More

Will I make it a month? You can bet on it.

It all starts tomorrow. Are you ready? I’m not. At all.However, I am willing to bet that I’m going to make it. So if I don’t make it the full 28 days, I will personally double all the donations I receive. That means you get your donation back, if you want it, and FebFast gets Read More

You’re Sober? Friends are Drinking? Here’s Ten Ways to Do Australia Day

1) Games for the designated driver. Pour beer all over yourself, so it at least smells like you’ve been drinking. If you’re breath tested, this has the added bonus of confusing the hell out the police because you smell like you’re smashed. Then on the way home, stop off at a tattoo parlour, and refuse Read More

So, I’m Going to Stop Drinking – Entry 1, Jan 23 2013

Alcohol, that is. Not water. That’d be impossible. Water’s in nearly everything. Fruit, meat, taps and even alcoholic drinks are mostly water. Also, it’d be deadly to stop drinking water, as it’s essential. For me, alcohol has often been essential too. Which is one of the reasons I’m planning to give it up. Anybody who Read More

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