December 2017

A traditional Christmas means getting drunk and demanding a bonus

This article first appeared in the Herald Sun If you didn’t know, Santa was put in a red suit and made fat and jolly by Coca Cola in the 1930s, Christmas trees were invented by Germans in the 1800s, and the first Christmas Day was celebrated only 2018 years ago. Singing Christmas carols, giving presents, Read More

How to Survive Talking Politics at Christmas

This article first appeared in the Brisbane Courier Mail Traditionally, the three things you’re never supposed to discuss at dinner are religion, money, and politics. Sex is sometimes mistakenly put in the mix, but if you need a list to tell you discussing sex in front of Grandma and your primary school-aged cousins isn’t appropriate, Read More

Some strange traditions are really just turkeys

This article first appeared in the Herald Sun The fourth Thursday in November, known in America as Thanksgiving, is quite a big deal in the USA and not just because it celebrates three of their favorite pastimes – over-eating, a parade with a corporate sponsor, and a sport nobody else plays. The following Friday is Read More