January 2017

We now prefer monsters to moderates

This article first appeared in the Brisbane Courier Mail POLITICIANS of the world, it’s time to evolve or perish. People are sick of your continuous sidestepping, meaningless waffling, and endless flip-flopping. Well, let’s hope that’s the hidden message in this global shift to the far right of the political spectrum. What if the supporters of One Read More

Apps. What is the point of them?

This article first appeared in the Herald Sun and Rendezview Can you think of anything in the world that claims to be so useful, but is so completely useless, as the majority of mobile phone applications? Apps are the virtual version of every infomercial. All glitz, glamour and promises, but in reality so much wasted effort Read More

No More Presents for Me!

This article first appeared in the Brisbane Courier Mail You know what I like about Christmas? Almost everything. People are nicer, you get the cookies without as much guilt, and reasons to drink are everywhere, which is probably the main reason people are nicer. You know what I don’t like about Christmas? The traffic, insects, that Read More

Don’t you dare blame number 2016 for all the bad stuff

This article first appeared in the Saturday Herald Sun If 2016 were chocolate it would be white. If it were a car, it’d be a Chrysler PT Cruiser. If it was a person it’d be Nick Kyrigios, a amphibian it’d be a cane toad, and a channel, it’d be the home shopping channel. Basically, 2016 Read More