May 2016

Let’s get down to a matter of facts

This article first appeared in the Brisbane Courier Mail SO I keep getting tangled in endless and pointless debates, especially online. There are the people who claim Donald Trump isn’t racist, or that the climate isn’t changing, that it’s all just a big scam started by left-wing lunatics. And nobody should listen to the feminists Read More

That’s not how you spell your Mum’s name – Spelling the FIFO way

The guys I have worked with over my years in the construction and mining industry, they were able to speak English, but stuff me if they could spell it. It’s actually an industry-wide problem, and among the many examples I’ve personally experienced of borderline unintelligible written communications from so-called supervisors, I know for a fact Read More

The Dangers of being a DIDO

Mining sites are very dangerous places, even with all the modern day safety regulations, but for many, getting to work can be just as dangerous as being there. Plenty but still not enough has been said about the mental health of FIFOs, the workers who fly in and out on chartered planes from mining sites, Read More