Face it, racism is the real Trump card

Trump Racist

This article first appeared in the Brisbane Courier Mail

WANT to know the real reason Donald Trump has such a strong chance of becoming the next president of the USA? It’s because he’s racist.

Those who support him? They’re racist too.

Which is why each new outrageous comment fails to bring him down.

Whenever his supporters are interviewed, they cite his strong business record. Sure he’s a billionaire but he’s bankrupted plenty of businesses and people on his way there.

Or they claim to be voting Trump because he speaks off the cuff.

Have you ever tried listening to one of his speeches? He repeats himself, speaks in the wrong tense and most of what he says is nonsense. It’s like a Reclaim Australia rally, with fewer big words, fewer teeth and added racism.

But his supporters are smart enough to know that when a television camera is pointing at you it’s probably best not to admit you’re racist. Which is why they say the other garbage.

If you do listen to any of Trump’s speeches you’ll realise that, between the noise, he keeps repeating a few key phrases.

We’re going to build a wall at the Mexican border, ban Muslims, kick out the Syrian refugees and kill terrorists’ families. All policies that his supporters love and they’ll admit it, but then ask them if they’re racist and what’s the answer? “No way.” Which means that they’re either clever racists, or so stupid they don’t realise that they’re racist.

But it’s a racism that comes from being afraid.

You might think Trump resembles an orange that’s had a bit of carpet stapled to it and then learned about 30 single-syllable words. I know I do. But he’s a smart orange.

He’s found that nothing motivates people like fear and it’s a button he just keeps hammering.

Nobody likes hearing that huge and complicated problems require answers that are just as huge and complicated.

Instead it’s far easier to blame someone else. Which is exactly what Trump is doing and he’s certainly not the first.

Of course there’s Adolf Hitler, and so many others. In recent times John Howard made boat people a massive issue, as did Tony Abbott, and that got them plenty of votes. Labor wasn’t far behind on that one. In America? It was the communists, now it’s the Mexicans and Muslims.

The real problem is the lack of a decent education system and the growing gap between rich and poor.

People are becoming poorer, dumber and increasingly frustrated, fearful and fed up. They’re looking for someone to blame and don’t have the concentration spans to consider the real problems.

If Trump does become president, he will be in charge of the largest economy and military the world has known, and he will have done it fair and square. There’s been no military coup, no voter fraud and he will have tricked nobody. He’s not pretending to be anyone he’s not and still people are voting for him. Which may be the most terrifying thing of all.

Maybe in a democracy, we really do end up with the leaders we deserve.

This article first appeared in the Brisbane Courier Mail

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