February 2016

No tax on junk food? It’s just too hard to swallow

This piece first appeared in: Daily Telegraph Herald Sun BACK in primary school, I was the fat kid. That was about 30 years ago. But in primary school these days they all seem to be fat kids. Now I’m an adult, nobody ever calls me fat. Occasionally I get tubby, slightly plump, and festive. Never Read More

It’s time to change the Australian flag

This post first appeared on: Huffington Post Buzzfeed Medium It’s a few weeks ago now, but during Australia Day this year I saw a lot of people wearing the flag as a cape. Which lead me to thinking, ‘What an amazing idea for a superhero movie!’ There’s Captain America. So why not Captain Australia?

Is evolution going backwards?

This article first appeared on: Buzzfeed Medium The Huffington Post Do you think that evolution is going backwards? I do. If you’re reading this, I’m clearly not talking about you – since you can read. Something longer than a street sign, an ironic tattoo and the winning lotto numbers, and that’s the key.

The stock market is the world’s biggest scam

This article first appeared in: The Brisbane Courier Mail. I DON’T believe in the stock market as a concept and I don’t understand why anyone else does – apart from those who make buckets of money working on it, of course. Now I do realise that the stock market does actually exist, unlike courteous drivers on Read More