February 2016

It’s time to change the Australian flag

This post first appeared on: Huffington Post Buzzfeed Medium It’s a few weeks ago now, but during Australia Day this year I saw a lot of people wearing the flag as a cape. Which lead me to thinking, ‘What an amazing idea for a superhero movie!’ There’s Captain America. So why not Captain Australia?

Is evolution going backwards?

This article first appeared on: Buzzfeed Medium The Huffington Post Do you think that evolution is going backwards? I do. If you’re reading this, I’m clearly not talking about you – since you can read. Something longer than a street sign, an ironic tattoo and the winning lotto numbers, and that’s the key.

The stock market is the world’s biggest scam

This article first appeared in: The Brisbane Courier Mail. I DON’T believe in the stock market as a concept and I don’t understand why anyone else does – apart from those who make buckets of money working on it, of course. Now I do realise that the stock market does actually exist, unlike courteous drivers on Read More