February 2015

The Most Aussie Thing to Happen This Week (imho) – Fishy pigs drink all the beer at a snail’s pace

“Beer thieving pig gets drunk and start a fight with cow” Great headline, however I’m sure it’s something that goes down in many Australian households every Friday night. Indeed, this is not news if by “pig” the article is referring to a: 1) Mining magnate 2) Politician 3) Footballer 4) Police officer (awww SNAP!) 4) Read More

Snapchat’s plan to do more than NSFW pics. Now that’s news!

Ever sent someone a naughty naked totally NSFW pic? Then paused before hitting send because you were worried exactly what they might do with it if you and that person didn’t work out? Highly likely, as you can’t even remember their name. Well it was late, and dark, and you’re not even sure what they Read More

Street Harassment: Would you talk like that to your mother?

“That girl you’re drooling over, she’s got a mother.” “The topless waitress, she might be someone’s mother.” “See that stripper? Now look above the banana but below the tattoo of a dragon. See that c-section scar? She’s someone’s mother.” “That orgy you’re watching? At least one of those seven girls must be a mother, and Read More

The 36 questions that will make you fall in love with anyone. Do they work?

The 36 questions that will make you fall in love. With anyone. Sounds dangerous. It started way back in 1997. Before Twitter, Facebook, Reality TV, the Internet and gluten. You know, the good ol’ days. Anyway, a journalist in New York recently wrote about ‘em, and they’re all the rage again. She was on a first Read More