December 2014

The Twelve Days of Christmas for a Xmas Orphan

As an Aussie in NYC and Xmas Orphan, I’ve composed my very own “Twelve Days of Christmas”. You know, just because… Why not?   What’s a Xmas Orphan? Extremely unlike an actual orphan, it’s someone who’s going to spend the holiday season well away from the majority of their friends and family. Usually by choice. Usually in Read More

Drunk Santas and Protesters Battle for NYC. Who Won?

So there were a whole bunch of white men in uniform acting inappropriately in NYC on Saturday December 13th and for a change, it wasn’t the NYPD. It was Santa Claus. Thousands of them. Last Saturday, New Yorkers had a choice. 1) Join the ‘Millions March’ and protest against the racism ingrained in America’s police Read More

The good news story nobody wanted…

If all news was good news would we still read the news? No. Russian news site City Reporter only reported good news to its readers for an entire day, and lost two thirds of its normal readership. On some of my down days, I’ve sometimes contemplated starting a website or newspaper that reported only the Read More

One poor attempt to make sense of the Lima Climate Change Conference

After two weeks of talks, and another two bonus days of extra time talks, because the original talks ended in a tie or something, there was still nothing decided at the Lima Climate Change Conference. It was never going to achieve anything but still, what a waste of everyone’s time. Maybe we needed a penalty Read More

Think before you click this Xmas. Max out your credit cards. Declare bankruptcy. Job done!

Spend big this Xmas, seeing as the Australian economy’s a mess… Then if you’re online shopping, try and use your common sense. Or don’t. It’s probably more fun if you don’t. “Online shoppers beware!” “Think before you click!” screams! According to this piece of clickbait, because let’s face it, that’s what it is, we should be wary Read More

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