November 2014

A Thanksgiving date nobody should approve of…

A man has posted a Craig’s List ad offering up himself as the boyfriend your family never wanted, and always feared, in exchange for a free feed. He’ll pose as your partner to get that pesky, baby hungry, extended family off your back this Thanksgiving. Sick and tired of questions about why you’re still single? Read More

Ferguson, USA. So messed up right now

Right now I’m sitting in a share-house in Bushwick, Brooklyn – a predominately African American neighbourhood, and if it weren’t for the images appearing all over my newsfeed, I wouldn’t think that much of anything was up. Considering what’s just happened in Ferguson, Missouri, it’s a wonder that all of America isn’t on fire right Read More

Top Ten Things Your Dog REALLY Says About “YOU”

Ever wondered what your dog says about you? I haven’t, although I can’t always resist the lure of those click-bait headlines… 1) That you own a dog. Maybe even more than one! 2) That at one point, you could afford a dog. You might be rich! 3) You can continually afford to look after a dog. Read More

APEC = “A” “P”retty “E”mpty “C”ommitment (That goes for G20 too)

So APEC and the G20 are done. From the photos it seemed like one big conference to find the world’s most awkward handshake, where the protestors were all extremely polite, well-organised, heavily armed and dressed as police. Really, what did the G20 achieve? Nothing. What happened at APEC? Not much.

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