Lunatic Christian Turns Petrol into Pineapple Juice. Or not.

He also made them eat grass, and they did. Yep.

He also made them eat grass, and they did. Yep.

Here are some ‘p’ words that should never be in the same sentence: politicians, porn, pudding, publicly and peacocks.

Another three are: petrol, pineapple juice and pastor.

In today’s edition of humans doing the darndest things comes the story of pastor Lesego Daniel, from the Rabboni Center Ministries in Pretoria.

Previously, Pastor Lesego Daniel has convinced his congregation that eating grass would bring them closer to God and this time he’s claimed to have turned petrol into pineapple juice. He’s then fed it to people, who’ve subsequently made the even more unbelievable claim that it really tasted like pineapple juice.

Actually, most of the time he just asked them, “Is it nice?”

And the lucky believers nodded, as they stumbled and fell away from the camera.

The substance looked suspiciously like petrol, and the parishioners in the video can be seen visibly acting like people who’ve either just drunk petrol or are overwhelmed with the spirit of God.

I used to get in trouble for sniffing petrol and now these people are allowed to drink it? So unfair.

I used to get in trouble for sniffing petrol and now these people are allowed to drink it? So unfair.

If you’re wondering how people end up committing horrible and horrific acts of terrorism, this is where it starts. I know they’re Christians, not Muslims but the blind belief bordering on fanaticism is the same.

While we’re all chuckling away or shaking our heads in horror at the stupidity on display here, I’m certain that most of the people in this video and Lesego Daniel himself likely believed that he did turn petrol into pineapple juice.

If you can believe that, you’ll believe anything and surely it’s not much of a stretch to be convinced that anyone who doesn’t believe as much as you do will end up in hell…and will either need to be saved or taken out.

The people in this video seen drinking petrol are likely hardworking humans who love their families and being from South Africa, it is a near statistical certainty that their lives are way harder than our own.

Blind ecstatic fanaticism of the type seen here often arises in people who’ve had to do without, not just for years but for a lifetime. Believing in something greater than yourself has been scientifically proven to provide solace to people…many of whom aren’t in circumstances anywhere near as challenging as those from this ministry.

A higher standard of living, achieved through improved education, healthcare and general greater wealth is the one sure way to drastically reduce the incidence of stupidities like this.

So sure, have a laugh at Pastor Lesego Daniel and the people in this video, but let’s not forget the real reasons as to why it exists…

Then tune in next time when the pastor turns prawns into poodles and his faithful parishioners attempt to take them to play fetch.  With piranhas that have been transformed into tennis balls.

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