It’s the most stupid argument in all of human history


This is our planet on a table. Or Uncle Gary’s work desk.

IT’S the most stupid argument in all of human history.

You know that lunatic who’s convinced the moon landing never happened, all our political leaders are lizards, and that smoking is good for their asthma? I call him Uncle Gary.

The fact that we’ve still done basically nothing about climate change makes us, as a society, just as dumb as Uncle Gary.

Last Christmas my Uncle Gary drank out of the beer can he’d been using for cigarette butts and didn’t even notice. As a society, on the issue of climate change, we’re drinking the dirty cigarette butt beer and pretending there’s nothing wrong with it.

On September 21 more than 400,000 people marched in New York and there were more than 2000 other rallies and demonstrations around the world. All pleading for the global community to finally take this issue seriously.Leo-Funny-Oscars_4

This was ahead of the UN Climate Summit in New York where around 120 heads of state met, and Leonardo DiCaprio told them all to stop mucking about. He wants to protect the icebergs because his career was started by one, in the film Titanic.

The moment an actor is lecturing our elected leaders on an issue of global importance because he knows more about it than they do, it’s time to start stockpiling foodstuffs and preparing the emergency bunker, because the end is nigh.

This Climate Summit was the first such gathering since the complete waste of time that was the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference. Which was basically a showcase for the world’s most expensive canapes, cocktails and champagne, and produced nothing but thousands of pages of proclamations on what can be done, should be done and might be done, but years later still absolutely nothing has been done.

Climate Change Polar BearThe 2014 version is heading in the exact same direction and the real reason nothing will be done is because we, as a society, are still stuck debating whether or not climate change is real, and if we should do anything about it.

It is, and we should. You want some evidence? Every scientific body in the history of ever now says it’s a global emergency, and the most important issue facing the planet. Ever.

It’s only politicians, corporations and media commentators who keep arguing about if it’s a thing – people who aren’t experts but who maybe once met one at a party and discussed whether or not the canapes were better than those at Copenhagen.

It’s actually about 97 of every 100 scientists who insist that climate change
is real.

So for some perspective, let’s make this personal. Say your doctor says you’re suffering from heart disease and unless you take drastic action you’re very likely to have a stroke. Then you go to 99 other doctors and three say you’re fine.

Do you listen to the three? Or do you do something about it?

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