October 2014

Pay-per-laugh comedy clubs will have spread around the world by 2016

Spain’s comedy clubs are in such dire straits that they’re now charging patrons per laugh… Dating websites charge you for each match, online advertisers pay-per-click, and we pay-per-drop for petrol…and LSD. Very soon, I imagine, we’ll be paying-per-view for YouTube cat videos, per-perve for porn and every time we want to get our own money Read More

Having a tongue for detail

Out of Bosnia comes the story of a tongue with a twist. A grandmother, Hava Cebic, is claiming that she can cure people by licking their eyeballs. The story appeared in the Daily Mail. Of course. She can’t, but she says she can, and plenty of people believe her. So how did she discover that she Read More

Luxy: A new app for the #onepercent…of F-wits

“Luxy” is a new dating app that is calling itself “Tinder, minus the poor people”. What it should be calling itself is “Tinder for complete fuckwits”. Or, “Tinder, but even more shallow if you thought that was possible”. Or, “Tinder, minus the last ounce of humanity”. Or, “Literally trying to cash in on Tinder.” Luxy works the Read More

DIY invisibility is now an actual real thing

Scientists at the University of Rochester in the USA recently revealed how to make stuff invisible. Kinda. Most other articles and even the press release from the University of Rochester itself compared this discovery to Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, and nothing else. Which was a bit dumb for two main reasons. Firstly, this invention has Read More

Hey Apple, where’s my Fairtrade iPhone?

Were you so excited about the new iPhone 6 that you lined up for it? You shouldn’t have. I’ll tell you what’s worth lining up for – something that’s in short supply. Not a thing that’s mass produced and widely available. Like an iPhone 6. Spending hours in a queue just so you can have Read More

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