June 2014

Education should be available to all not just the wealthy

SHOULD university be for smart people or rich people? If the changes proposed by the Federal Government as part of the 2014 Budget go through, that decision will have been made for all of us. It will only be rich people – just like wearing your collar up, grand final tickets with a decent view, any Read More

A hearty computer pirate’s life not without its perils

You know Game of Thrones, True Blood, The Walking Dead and all those similar and amazingly entertaining shows? They constantly remind us all what a poor imitation of real entertainment that reality TV really is, and always has been. Many of us in Australia download and watch those top quality shows using a file-sharing service, Read More

Front page news… Justin Bieber (again)

Justin Bieber told a racist joke five years ago. A video of this was recently made public, and it immediately went viral. Going viral around the same time was every other new video of Justin Bieber, vision of a cat attacking a dog, and the common cold. The story here is that a fifteen-year-old boy Read More

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