March 2014

Too many stupid questions and so many stupid people. Parliamentary question time needs to change.

Parliamentary question time really needs to change. I mean, it’s called ‘question time’ for a reason. Someone should at least pretend to answer a question. Instead, last week in Federal Parliament, Labor MPs moved a motion of no confidence in Speaker Bronwyn Bishop, accusing her of bias and incompetence. Which I think is completely unfair, Read More

Politics is now Knights, Dames and Magic. But where are all the Dragons?

Sections of this article have appeared elsewhere. Here’s the full version… Tony Abbott today announced the reintroduction of Knights and Dames in Australia. Who gives a stuff? I refuse to engage with this issue AT ALL until he also reintroduces dragons. Stories about knights and dames are nothing without a dragon. In no particular order Read More

In Defence of Tony Abbott and the Pointlessness of the March in March

Was the March in March pointless? That depends on what you wanted to achieve. Did you want to hang out with a group of like-minded people, hit the odd bongo, hold a sign bearing an attempt at a clever slogan, chant something repetitive and possibly naughty, and feel good about yourself? Then no, it wasn’t Read More

To give, or not to give… directions

Are you a person who will offer someone directions if they’re looking lost? What about if they ask? Or are you the type to shrug, say you don’t know, and if they persist just point anywhere, in order to get the person asking to go away as quickly as possible? I like to think I’m Read More