January 2014

It’s soooo hot/cold today. Which proves climate change yeah? Actually, no.

In much of Australia today, it’s stupidly extremely really very hot. Like instantly start sweating, dog won’t mind not being walked, go to the bottle shop and hide in the beer fridge hot. Especially in the parts of Australia that are on fire. In much of America, it’s ridiculously, outrageously freezing cold. Like instantly turn Read More

New Year. New Career? Or Not.

For many, this is the first official working week of the year. Which sucks. Perhaps you’ve already been back at work for a week or more? Sucked in. Maybe you’re one of those rare people who adore their job, and have been counting down the days until you can get back to work as if Read More

My Worst Ever New Year’s Eve (Flash Fiction Piece 3 & a true story)

First appeared on Byte Stories: http://www.bytestories.com/story/8a33a73/my-worst-ever-new-years-ever It was twelve years ago. In the month before, I’d broken up with my second serious girlfriend. In the week before, I’d been involved in a team kayak race that finished on NYE in Swan Hill. At 9pm on NYE I got chatting to a girl in a pub. Read More

How I Survived New Year’s Eve 2013

Now that New Years Eve is a few days behind us, lets take a moment to reflect on the annual celebration of the year that often feels like, ‘On this night, you need to have the most unbelievably epic time ever or you’re a loser.’ I believe it’s easily the most overrated party of the Read More

Terry the Tree that Could Talk

In Halls Gap, Victoria, at 12.11pm on December 23, 2010, during an intense thunderstorm, one of the oldest trees in Australia was split down its centre by a lightning bolt. A much younger tree to its direct left said, ‘Wow. That was close.’ A middle aged man passing by said, ‘Stuff me. A talking tree.’ Read More