December 2013

Car Parks, Hell and Stress at Xmas – ‘Tis the Season of Obligation

You know what Xmas and New Year used to mean to me? Stress. Rushing to do too much in too little time, traffic and crawling around overstuffed multi-level car parks. If anything proves the existence of the devil, it’s car parks. No matter how many levels high they might be, it always feels like you’re Read More

Let’s Feed Fat People to the Sharks and the Real Odds of a Shark Attack

Are the chances of death by shark attack really so low that it’s not worth worrying about? With two fatal attacks in Australia very close together, it doesn’t really feel like it. I’m a surfer so every time there’s an attack, I reassure myself with the stats. That you’re several times more likely to choke Read More

A Brief History Text Messaging – Happy 21st Birthday to You!

Text messages have officially just turned 21. Let’s party! The very first text was sent by 22-year-old communications engineer Neil Papworth in the UK on December 3, 1992. From a computer to the phone of a friend at a party. It said, ‘Merry Christmas.’ Much later that same night the next three texts were sent. Read More

Why Fear Sharks? Xmas Trees are the Real Killers

Sharks are terrifying. Mammoth muscles with rows of razor-sharp teeth that motor through the water at speeds many times faster than us. It’d be stupid not to scared of them. Wouldn’t it? Actually, no. Despite the two recent tragedies in Australia, according to the facts, death by shark attack is so rare that it’s not Read More

Enough with the schoolies porn

Every year students finish high school and there are big parties. It’s gotten so big for a few years now there’s even been a name for it – schoolies week. Any older people who tag along and usually happen to be men also have a name – toolies. Every year, more and more of the Read More