November 2013

Are all exams pointless?

Around this time of year, I always have nightmares. About that one exam that I still haven’t passed, that I haven’t studied for and that’s being held at 9am the very next morning. In the nightmare, I’m so poorly prepared that I don’t even know the name of the subject. All I do know is Read More

Gambling Ads. Is there a bigger load of rubbish?

Have you seen those TAB ads where the guys waltz through the pub, winking at girls and collecting big wads of cash? What a load of rubbish. There are rules around alcohol advertising in terms of what you’re allowed to show and suggest. However, it seems that gambling ads aren’t subjected to the same controls, Read More

The Spring Racing Carnival of Excess and Addictions

Every year we’re told to remember the real meaning of Christmas, Easter and even Halloween. So it’s about time we honour the real meaning of the Spring Racing Carnival. By the way, Halloween is a pagan holiday that celebrates the changing of the seasons, and is commemorated with tooth decay, sugar addiction, obesity and childhood Read More