October 2013

Forget about the Boat People – Stop the Boat Fruit!

My dad squeezes fresh orange juice for my mum every morning, because he knows how to treat a lady. Which goes some way to explaining why he’s been married for over thirty years, and I haven’t been married for any. Relationship advice aside, my dad only uses Australian oranges. He votes Liberal, believes in supporting Read More

Doing Nothing = Doing the Wrong Thing

All too rarely a news story sneaks along that gives me hope for humanity, and here’s one such story, which got none of the media attention it deserved. On October 15 thirty-nine students were suspended from the Centenary Heights State High School in Toowomba for, wait for it… doing absolutely nothing. Two female students were Read More

Let’s Make a Trade!

If you could make any trade, what would it be? As the AFL trade period continues to move along at a glacial pace, I’ve been pondering what other areas of life might be improved by a trade or two. We’re told that you never really get something for nothing, and the flipside of that is Read More

Equal rights for healthy food – NOW!

So there’s a proposal kicking around to ban junk food from one checkout aisle at every supermarket. Just in the ACT though, so it’ll only affect the five people in Canberra who don’t charge all their groceries to a government credit card and have them home delivered. So if this proposal does come in, you Read More

The ‘Say it to Their Face’ Rule

Are you fed up with all the hateful, hurtful rubbish that’s in nearly every comments section on the internet? Me too. So I’ve come up with a solution. The ‘say it to their face’ rule. It’s simple. You’re not allowed to comment, post or leave any message anywhere on the internet unless you’re prepared to Read More