July 2013

Why do you care so much about the royal baby?

(Article first appeared in WA Today, The Age, SMH, etc on July 25, 2013) A woman named Kate Middleton recently gave birth to a baby. That’s not news. What if Kate had given birth to a giraffe, a hippo or an echidna? Now that’s news. Especially since a baby echidna is called a puggle, which Read More

Terminally bad behaviour at the airport

(First appeared on The Age, SMH, WA Today websites on Thurs, July 18) In my experience, the majority of people are reasonably polite, but there are exceptions everywhere. Anyone who drops rubbish next to a bin, cuts you off while driving, doesn’t restock the toilet paper after starting the last roll, and real estate agents. Read More

The impossibility of being right all the time

So in my last post, first written on the day of the latest Labor leadership challenge, I stated that the latest Labor Leadership challenge was another waste of time and nothing would happen. That night the Labor Party had a new leader. On the same day that I was complaining that all this leadership speculation Read More

Enough about the Labor leadership already

This article first appeared about two weeks ago. On the exact same day Julia Gillard was replaced with Kevin Rudd. If you don’t believe me, check WA Today, where this article was first published. Best timing ever? Or the worst? So what’s to be learnt from all this? Whenever you see me place a bet, Read More