May 2013

Is Eddie McGuire a Racist?

(Article first appeared in WA Today, The Age and SMH on Friday, May 31) On Thursday morning I overheard a group of senior citizens discussing whether or not Eddie McGuire was racist. They decided that he was not, and that calling someone an ape was not racist, and they were quite upset that the whole Read More

The Budget Means Nothing to Me

What does the budget mean to me? Me personally? It means nothing. Absolutely nothing. After looking through every different list in the media of ‘what the budget means to you’ I have not seen one mention of anything that actually applies to me. Nowhere does it say, ‘Discounts on drunken text messages, free Game of Read More

The anti-wedding guide to weddings

(First appeared on WA Today, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald Thurs, May 9, 2013) I think I’m broken. So many people are convinced that they’re essential, but I just don’t get weddings. A few of my friends have done their weddings well. A tent on the family farm, an uncle cooking the barbecue, granddad Read More