April 2013

Why do we care so much about the Boston Bombings?

(Article first appeared on WA Today on Friday, April 26) Three people died and more than two hundred were injured in the Boston Marathon Bombings. Two days later, a Texan fertilizer factory exploded, killing far more people but attracted less coverage. On these same days around the world many more died in events that received Read More

Racism works in the exact opposite way as the Kardashians

I know racism isn’t a hot topic. Not compared to important issues like Lindsay Lohan’s ongoing battles with being a moron, your child’s outrageous risk of dying, due to breathing, and footballers getting injured and sometimes being in pubs. Oh and most importantly of all, every house having a price, in real dollar terms, that Read More

Where is the scandal with drugs in sport?

(Article first appeared on WA Today on Wednesday, April 17) The ongoing drugs in Australian sport “scandal” is a mammoth waste of everybody’s time. Our time has not been wasted like this since 1999 and all those fears that Y2K would make the computers explode and turn us all into zombies. In the AFL, it’s Read More

The Reviewed Speaks Back

(Article first appeared on Arts Hub on Friday, April 10. See it here: http://bit.ly/YnQMdM) ‘Has that review of your show appeared yet?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘How did you go?’ ‘Not well. The idiot reviewer missed the point entirely.’ If you get four stars or higher, then it’s what you deserved. Around three stars is passable, but it was Read More

Living the FIFO ‘life’

(Article first appeared online for WA Today, SMH and The Age on Friday, April 12 2013) After being a fly in-fly out worker for over six months, I can say with conviction that mining towns certainly aren’t for me. Not in the slightest. Not that I was actually living in a town. As a FIFO Read More

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