November 2012

Who Cares About Political Polls? You Shouldn’t

It doesn’t matter if the election is three years or three days away, we’re constantly reminded who the most popular party is, who’s got the preferences, and who’s the preferred prime minister. It never seems to be the actual prime minister or the opposition leader, which is curious. Every time I see one of these Read More

Is David Beckham Coming to Australia?

Who cares? I don’t. His overly tattooed torso, has-been left foot and toothpick wife can come to Australia if they like, or not. I couldn’t give a stuff, and we shouldn’t either. But we do. We really, really do. Personalities drive the public’s interest in a sport, especially when it’s a public not already familiar Read More

Please Save Our Third World Ears

If countries were ranked on the quality of music playing in public spaces, Australia would be third world. Shopping centres, supermarkets, fashion boutiques and most disappointing of all, music stores. They’re all drought ravished, impoverished wastelands. Of pop music. Sanity? Call it insanity, because that’s the only thing inspired by the constant blaring pop remixes. Read More

The Australian Auto Industry – A Straw House with Jelly Foundations

Enough already, with the propping up of the auto industry. If this ongoing saga were represented graphically, it’d be a roof made to last a hundred years, constructed from the most expensive and durable stainless steel, on top of a straw house with jelly foundations. Then every few months, when a bit more of the Read More

Diary of an Edinburgh Virgin – The End is Here

Final Diary Entry from the Edinburgh Fringe (End of August) With one week of the Edinburgh Fringe to go, I’ve bottomed out in a way that I never have before. Each morning for three weeks I’d ridden my borrowed bike to the city with an enthusiasm I’d been digging out from I don’t know where. Read More