August 2012

Fringe versus Olympics. What’s the difference?

So I’ve nearly finished my month long run at the Edinburgh Fringe, via London where one particular event hogged all the media attention. The Olympics, don’t know if you’ve heard of it? After experiencing both, I’ve noticed some subtle differences. The Olympics opening ceremony was globally acknowledged as a creative, visual and musical success on Read More

Don’t Punch Reviewers in the Face. The Edinburgh Fringe Has Begun! (Diary Entry 4 – August 8)

Don’t punch reviewers in the face. That’s the official word from the press office after the Edinburgh Fringe officially started on Saturday, August 3rd. The Edinburgh Fringe is an open access festival, however there are several large companies that run venues and put together their own programs of events within the festival. I’m with C Read More

The Edinburgh Virgin – Diary of My First Time at the Fringe (Entry One – Early July 2012)

After giving up an Engineering career, and then journalism, I decided to try the one thing I’d always wanted to. Comedy. Mum said, ‘It’s wonderful that you’re following your dreams.’ Dad said, ‘Why didn’t you work this out years ago? Instead of paying for an education, I could’ve taken your mother to Europe.’ My girlfriend Read More