Asylum seekers – Our politicians have just voted against saving lives

Many more images like this, thanks to our government.

More asylum seekers are dying at sea every day. It’s a crisis. Our politicians have to do something. So far, they’ve done nothing. At this late stage, it doesn’t even matter which option they choose. Just pick one. To save lives.

Earlier this week 90 people perished. So the debate restarted. On Wednesday, while the debate plodded along, another boat went down and more people died. How’s that for timing? If this were a film, nobody would believe it. Hey useless politicians, see that thing you can’t agree on? Your inability to make a decision is costing lives. Right now.

It’s just like the kid in the toy store. His Mum says, ‘You have to choose one toy in the next five minutes. If you can’t, you end up with nothing.’ Only the dumbest kid in the world doesn’t make a decision. Our politicians are proving themselves to be dumber than that dumbest kid in the world.

No wonder Australians have so little faith in their politicians. Before all this started, the Greens, the Liberals and Labor could not agree. Politicians then spent hours taking turns to declare in their most sincere and heartfelt voice that this has to stop, that something must be done. There’s been a constant flow of tragic stories and impassioned pleas. The result? Nobody has changed their position.

They argue, they score political points, they spout great soundbites. There’s a lot of noise and movement. A whole bunch of politicians standing up, hand on heart, and speaking about how it is essential that we do something. But still, nothing ever does. They’re like highly trained actors in a play without a plot, and absolutely no point. This is politics at its very worst.

Offshore processing has been proven to stop the boats. Fact. It started with Malcolm Fraser, who provided by far the most humane solution to date. John Howard had a different solution, and on it’s gone.

There are many different ideas around where the asylum seekers should be sent, how they should be processed, which is the most humane solution. Which option is in line with the United Nations Convention. Which isn’t. Right now, none of that matters. Just pick one, you idiots.

I just someone to say, ‘Whatever option is on the table right now, I’m going to vote for it. I don’t care if I agree with it. Something has to be done. So here’s me, doing something.’

Are our politicians the most useless bunch in the history of ever? Yes. Right here and now, they have a chance to put aside all the crap and do something. To stand up and say even though we disagree on how we should handle this issue, we’re sick of seeing people die. So we’re putting aside our differences, to do something. Instead, they’ve done nothing. All this proves is that politics in Australia is a complete waste of time.