June 2012

Asylum seekers – Our politicians have just voted against saving lives

More asylum seekers are dying at sea every day. It’s a crisis. Our politicians have to do something. So far, they’ve done nothing. At this late stage, it doesn’t even matter which option they choose. Just pick one. To save lives. Earlier this week 90 people perished. So the debate restarted. On Wednesday, while the Read More

My Name is Xavier. Not X-Xavier

So my name is Xavier, and you can say it the right way, or the wrong way. At least thirty percent of you get it wrong. There are only 26 letters in the alphabet, but still it’s beyond so many to pronounce them all correctly. Those same people often don’t have any trouble remembering every Read More

The Lingerie Football League is NOT Sport

Hot chicks running around in their underwear playing footy. What’s wrong with that? It’s a genius combination of two of the greatest things on earth. Women and sport. Come on, it’s not hurting anybody. Well according to the naysayers, the intellectuals and anyone else who’s completely eliminated the fun from their lives, the lingerie football Read More

It’s Not a Warzone

Last week a friend of mine said, ‘Come on, let’s get a donut. I’m starving.’ I told him, ‘You’re not starving. People in North Korea and Africa are starving.’ He said, ‘Fair enough, but I can only afford one donut.’ Then on the news the other night, a local councilor spoke out against bars on Read More