Womadelaide 2012 – Thanks For Your Time

A festival for those who put sounds and culture above getting wasted. It’s about diversity, quality and comfort. Set in Adelaide’s Botanical Gardens, there are oodles of lush green space – it’s really quite delightful.

Sure there are still plenty of opportunities to dance around like a lunatic, but for the most part Womadelaide is populated by people of all ages there to appreciate some of the world’s finest music. Kind of like a Food & Wine Festival but for music, however there are plenty of decent stalls too.

So if you’re sick of the washed out sound, huge queues and masses of young ‘uns all striving for individuality in whatever hairstyle/singlet/jeans are popular that year, head to Womadelaide in 2013.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the highlights from 2012 (as pictured)

1 – Master Drummers of Burundi

Twenty hard-carved drums pounding out some complex rhythms, it’s as much about the presentation as the traditional music, as these identically dressed drummers leap around in perfect time creating quite the spectacle.


2 – Narasirato

More tribal music but with a big twist. Playing music that’s been used for communicating in the Are’are tradition for over 75 generations, it’s amazingly modern and surprisingly captivating. If some indie hipster band invented this, we’d all think they were geniuses. Luckily, this has a bit more creditability.

3 – Dirty Three

It’s the Dirty Three. If you don’t know who they are, find out. If you do know and you weren’t there at Womadelaide, I know you’re jealous.








4 – Holy Cow Chai Tent

So this is some of the food and wine stuff I was talking about. Doesn’t it just look lovely? The photographic trickery doesn’t hurt, but unlike so many festivals that programme the bands then forget that people actually enjoy nice food and drink, Womadelaide provide a real depth and range of yummy liquids and solids.


5 – Womadelaide Flags

It’s like the trademark right? Every year they’re used to break up the green space, and they never fall over. Really quite big and cool.





6 – Other Highlights (not pictured)

Music is for listening to, not writing about. So instead of me describing how these other acts sounded, search the ‘net and find out for yourself. It’ll be time well spent, I promise.

So in no particular order have a look for: Penguin Café (UK), Kimmo Pohjonen (Finland), The Bombay Royale (Australia), Mahala Rai Banda (Romania) and Frigg (Finland/Norway). There you go. Thanks for your time.

Here’s the website: womadelaide.com.au

Also there are Womad’s coming up in:

Wiltshire, UK

Bristol, UK

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Palemro, Sicily

Taranaki, New Zealand

For details: www.womad.org


All photos by Natasha Worm