Live Tweeting During an Adelaide Fringe Show – First Time Ever?

You’re invited!

So for my March 7, Wednesday 10pm performance of ‘Binge Thinking’ at the Adelaide Fringe next week I’m inviting people to come and Tweet live during the show. Using the tags: #bingefringe #adlfringe

What’s so special about this? To my knowledge, it hasn’t been done before, in this format. That is, I’ll be performing the show as per normal, with breaks to address the Tweets, as read out by an on-stage assistant. The show will very likely run over an hour, and hopefully it’ll be awesome.

Really, I’ve got no idea how it’ll go, because I haven’t done it before. At best, it’ll be amazing. At the least, you’ll be able to say, ‘That happened. And I was there. Woohoo’.

People willing to Tweet will be able to come to the show for free, and since there are sections of the show where I bemoan how much time people spend on Twitter instead of reading books, it could get very interesting.

Everyone willing to tweet gets a free ticket, unless there are none left.

To get on the door list email: [email protected]

For more info about the show, here it is on the Adelaide Fringe website: