March 2012

Womadelaide 2012 – Thanks For Your Time

A festival for those who put sounds and culture above getting wasted. It’s about diversity, quality and comfort. Set in Adelaide’s Botanical Gardens, there are oodles of lush green space – it’s really quite delightful. Sure there are still plenty of opportunities to dance around like a lunatic, but for the most part Womadelaide is Read More

It’s Okay to Laugh at the Kony Guy

Many in the media have stated in relation to the Jordan Russell naked tape, “There’s nothing funny about a nervous breakdown.” I disagree. Have you seen the video? It’s freaking hilarious. Don’t feel bad about it either. It’s a naked man jumping around on a busy street corner. That’s funny. Not just any naked man Read More

It’s World Water Day. Should we care?

Today’s World Water Day. Don’t worry, I didn’t know either. Well obviously I know now because I’m writing about it, but it was only after I read a Facebook Update that pointed out the differences between it and ‘Waterworld’. That shocking Kevin Costner film set in a post-apocalyptic future where everyone had a great tan, Read More

Live Tweeting During an Adelaide Fringe Show – First Time Ever?

You’re invited! So for my March 7, Wednesday 10pm performance of ‘Binge Thinking’ at the Adelaide Fringe next week I’m inviting people to come and Tweet live during the show. Using the tags: #bingefringe #adlfringe What’s so special about this? To my knowledge, it hasn’t been done before, in this format. That is, I’ll be Read More