Gay Marriage is a human right, not a wrong

(This article appeared in MX on Dec 8th)

Those against gay marriage say it’s unnatural. Well there’s scientific evidence that over 1500 animal species express homosexual behaviour. Then there’s only one species that persecutes anyone for that behaviour, and that’s us. We’re also the only animals who pick up dog poo, eat tiger penises for help in the sack, and believe that cows, the dopiest and tastiest animal there is, are sacred. What’s the message here? Don’t listen to us humans. We’re idiots.

Many politicians refuse to support gay marriage, not because they don’t agree with it, but because public opinion is against it. On an issue like gay marriage, I think public opinion is the last thing politicians should be worried about. Public opinion doesn’t come from people like you and me, it comes from talkback radio, and people who have time to answer survey questions. A group that includes the most poorly informed, reactionary and stupid people in society. A group that are often so racist they won’t even buy Kiwi fruit.

Human history is littered with examples of things that the public think were NOT a good idea at the time, but were still brought in, because they were the RIGHT thing to do. Like a woman’s right to vote, equal rights for aborigines, the carbon tax (ooo look at me being topical), and free beer (now I’m dreaming).

The issue of gay marriage is actually about equality and basic human rights, and for that reason it’s going to happen, sooner or later. I really hope it happens sooner, rather than later, because the longer it takes, the more it proves how backwards we, as a society, are.

That and the fact that we consider Delta Goodrem a celebrity, and INXS are still going. Talk about beating a dead horse. Well it wasn’t the beating of a horse that killed Michael Hutchence, he was beating something else. With a belt. Too far? Well I haven’t gone too far, because I’m still alive. Mr Hutchence though, he went too far. That’s why he’s dead.

Others against gay marriage say, ‘I just don’t agree with the notion that gay people should be able to get married.’ Just because you disagree with something, that doesn’t mean it should be illegal.

I don’t think stupid people, real estate agents or Collingwood Supporters should be allowed to get married. Or if they are, they should be sterilised. However, I know that’s just my opinion, and not really fair. Actually, hang on a second. A world with less stupid people, real estate agents and Collingwood supporters. Where gay marriage was legal. Now if the beer were free, that would be just about perfect.

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