Film review – The Tall Man

The true story of one morning on Palm Island, when Cameron Doomadgee allegedly swore at a policeman, and forty minutes later lay dead in a watch-house cell. This powerful and award winning documentary follows the inquest into Doomadgee’s death, talking to those involved and giving a real sense of this tragedy surrounding this event and those involved.

Never before in Australia has a policeman been tried as a result of a death in custody. On the evidence provided here, it’s extremely difficult not to share the outrage of those affected by the actions of policeman Chris Hurley.

It’s a complicated story, as Hurley is a policeman who’s gone out of his way to give back and integrate with aboriginal communities, where alcoholism and all forms of domestic abuse are commonplace.

For a deeper understanding of this situation, read the book on which the film is based, ‘The Tall Man’ by Chloe Hooper. Non-fiction at it’s finest, the book delves much deeper than the film, to examine and honestly portray the many sides of a situation where there are no easy answers.