November 2011

Film Review – We Need to Talk About Kevin

 A delightful uncomfortable film, told from the point of view of a broken woman. Kevin’s just not right, and that’s obvious from the outset as mother Eva battles to bring him up in a world where the onus is put squarely back on the mother. The intensity is poured on throughout, as tragedy seems imminent.  Read More

World Toilet Day

Sitting on the toilet is one of my all time favourite activities. Maybe that sentence needs another ‘h’ at the beginning, but let’s not get too graphic.  Sure there’s the whole disgusting business of why you’re there, but apart from that the toilet upside is outrageous. I adore toilets, and it’s all about what you Read More

Binge Thinking at the Woodford Folk Festival 2011-2012

So my first solo show at the Melbourne Fringe Festival went well. So well, that I’ve been invited to do a few performances at Woodford 2011-2012. They’ll be specially tailored performances of 20mins in bars around Woodford. Very last minute, so underground and cool (or unorganised) that I’m not even in the program. So what’s Read More

Film Review – Red State

Fundamental Christians, with a big emphasis on the word ‘mental’, in a shootout with the police. Oh and the Christians kidnap three local lads looking to get laid, there’s rampant homophobia, and heaps of people get it in a big blown apart that hurt look their heads are everywhere kinda way. Then don’t forget the Read More

Film review – The Tall Man

The true story of one morning on Palm Island, when Cameron Doomadgee allegedly swore at a policeman, and forty minutes later lay dead in a watch-house cell. This powerful and award winning documentary follows the inquest into Doomadgee’s death, talking to those involved and giving a real sense of this tragedy surrounding this event and Read More